Austin Blue Hour

Saturday evening Dave Wilson and I, along with his son Cameron headed into downtown for the sunset and blue hour. We met up with Jim Nix and Andy ATMTX and headed towards the Auditorium Shores area of Austin along the (you can pick the name you like) Colorado River, Ladybird Lake, Town Lake. The sky was not too colorful but we did manage to get some great reflections off the lake. This was a longer exposure taken as it was just starting to get dark.

The skyline here is always changing and I believe Dave Wilson counted 8 construction cranes in the city working new additions to the Austin Skyline, they are hard to see from this low perspective. After shooting up the skyline and the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue we all went for celebratory beers at Uncle Billy’s Beer and BBQ, another end to a great day in Austin.

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    1. Thanks, Dave I was surprised as well, I know that lens gives me great sun starbursts at F22, but I never realized F11 long exposures were this good of a burst, thanks!

  1. Beautifully done Wiz! Great blue hour tones!

  2. Looks great bud and was a fun evening!

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Austin Blue Hour