The “Angel Of Death Victorious” sculpture is quite unique and serves as a Monument to the Francis Haserot family in Lave View Cemetery, Cleveland Ohio.

The angel statue is also known as the ‘Black Angel’ or ‘Weeping Angel’. ‘The life-size, incredibly sculpted, bronze angel statue holds an extinguished torch that is turned upside-down. Some say it’s a symbol of life extinguished. Her wings are outstretched and slightly turned downward. It’s almost like a purgatory type state. The angel looks straight ahead, not up towards the heavens or down towards Hell. The angel holds an inverted torch symbolizing that the flame of mortal life has been extinguished, but the angel itself represents faith in heaven and immortality. Together, the inverted torch and the angel represent the victory of faith over death. The statue is intended to instill a sense of peace and hope found through faith that existence does not end at death.

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Angel of Death