Along Blue Rocks Road

It was a cloudy afternoon along Blue Rocks road in Nova Scotia, it was our first afternoon in Canada and we were still waiting on three members of our group to arrive so we set out Tuesday afternoon for some shooting in the Blue Rocks area of Nova Scotia, hoping to get a nice sunset. That afternoon the clouds rolled in and sunset was a bust but we caught a few scenes regardless, this was a small little cove along Blue Rocks Road near Lunenburg Nova Scotia.

Blue Rocks is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the Lunenburg Municipal District. It stands to seaward of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, somewhat to the east. For many years a fishing village, it was discovered by many artists and photographers beginning in the 1940s. Today the village boasts many artists, and there are also numerous guest houses to be found among the fishermen’s dwellings.

Blue Rocks is known as one of the best kayaking spots on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

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  1. Wiz, this is freakin awesome! Love the composition and the black and white treatment! Fantastic!

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Along Blue Rocks Road