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Alcoa Center Pittsburgh PA -North Shore

A few months ago on a weekend trip, I was walking around the North Shore area of Pittsburgh during sunrise, this is a great area and if you are ever in town I would suggest hitting the North Shore for Sunrise. Heinze Field, PNC Park, the city skyline and all the great bridges make this place a wonderful area to shoot. The sunrise was pretty ordinary that morning, nothing special but while exploring this building caught my eye, reflecting the golden hour light and the nice glow from the lights inside the building made for an interesting scene. I must have walked by this place a 10 times in the past and not noticed the nice lines and reflections.

The building is the Alcoa Corporate Center, information from their website-

In 1998, Alcoa moved its corporate center to a six-story aluminum and glass structure on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. Its wave-form glass facade opens the entire building to the river, the city, and the southern sky. Inside is an open office environment designed to encourage chance encounters and informal discussions. “We went from a building with 31 floors and hundreds of private, closed-door offices to a much more open environment,” said then-chairman Paul O’ Neill. “It’s a place where people matter. The entire building is your office, and within the building, everyone works collaboratively.”

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  1. Gotta love those Pittsburgh buildings! Nice capture. This is a tough one to photograph since the river walk is so low compared to the building.

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Alcoa Center