Abandoned Palouse- Through the entire vast Palouse there are just a multitude of abandoned buildings scattered about the area. It seems around every corner or whatever road you turn down a new abandoned treasure pops up. My buddy Len Saltiel has posted a couple of Palouse shots here lately and got me in the mood for Palouse as well.

We came across houses, outbuildings, elevators, you name it, there was one abandoned somewhere. How these were just left as is beyond me but they sure make for some interesting subjects to photograph.

Broken Palouse

We drove back to this place after sunrise at the Wheel barn, Dave Wilson took the group photo in front of this abandoned elevator type building.

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  1. An awesome but “funked” up building to say the least!

  2. Nice! That building looks so much nicer without all those goofy idiots standing in front of it :-)

  3. Very interesting building! That is one sweet shot Mike! I love that sunstar too!

  4. Remember this place well. This must be a morning shot and that sunburst is amazing Mike.

  5. That’s a very cool looking abandoned house. Great sot.

  6. great work here Mike, love all the detail!

  7. Of all the shots of that elevator that was captured this day, this has to be the most striking of the lot, with the possible exception of the one that Dave mentioned in his comment. :-)

    Oh yeah, as you can probably tell, I am WAY behind on all of my friends blog posts. Boo.

  8. Wow, Mike, this one is really captivating for the viewer! So many layers and details to explore visually, with such a strong effect by time in the natural decay! Love this one, my friend!

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Abandoned Palouse