Twisted Reach

Another NXNW location with Bob Lussier, Dave Wilson and Justin Balog, the other part of the crew headed back to Denver. We spent Sunday night in Grand Junction Colorado and decided to head over to the Colorado National Monument, WOW, the clouds finally came out for the NXNW crew on this fantastic night. I just loved how this tree’s branches melted in with the clouds ….as if it were planned, I came across this scene and had to snap a few brackets, this tree was cool as ever and with the clouds, it just made it a bit more dramatic.

As the night went on the sky really started to pop with color and clouds, we had very little cloud activity during the Moab visit so the clouds were a welcome sight.

Have a great Tuesday, thanks for looking!

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  1. That turned out rather nicely! Was that the same dead cedar that I spent so long photographing but never actually got a shot I was happy with?

  2. Great shot! I was too brain dead/sleep deprived t do much exploring! Your extra energy paid off!

  3. I love the southwest and this image just proves why. Gorgeous Mike.

  4. Cool shot Mike. I like the way that the tree extends into the frame. Colorado National Monument is one cool place. I stop there every time I can.

  5. A beautiful image Mike. Well done!

  6. Wonderful POV here, Mike. Great use of the tree as both the subject and the leading line to those great clouds.

  7. Spectacular shot, Mike, I think the composition is key to this picture. Fabulous details here, and the tones are all complimentary to the overall scene!

  8. Fantastic depth, textures and interest here Wiz! Great sky! Excellent!

  9. Mike, super cool!!! Love how the tree reaches out and grabs the background!!!

  10. Really nice shot Mike. Love all the details, and the contrast of land and sky.

  11. I never did catch any clouds myself but it was still a great trip and this is a great shot.

  12. Great lead-in from that gnarled old tree, Mike

  13. Great shot here, Mike. Love this composition.

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A Twisted Reach