A scary Fare

S.A.R.T.A. or the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority Bus at it’s finest. Wanna go for a ride?

I shot this a while back at a very cool abandoned location in Canton Ohio. The property was lined with old city buses, almost like a fence of  buses, all in various states of decay. How they arrived there and why they are there is beyond me. This is the same location I found the car inside the building in the Pimp my Ride shot shown below.  The  Bus fence surrounded the main building I found the car in below. All in all a great find if you’re looking for this type of thing, and on that day we were, so it was a successful mission. Although almost running into the squatters living on the property was a bit of a scare.

Pimp My Ride


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  1. Hey, you found my Porsche! Wonder where it’s been all these years! The detail here is awesome. Nice work!

  2. Really “end of line” ;)

  3. Love the processing (as always) and the composition on the bus is killer Mike.

  4. It’s like the island of inexplicable abandoned vehicles (kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?). Nicely framed.

  5. that’s some SICK processing dude, love it!!

  6. You are just so good at these, Mike, wow my friend! I would give my left flipper to have joined you on a mission like this, what a place to visit!!

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A Scary Fare