A Juniper Sunset

This is another sunset view of the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction Colorado. This was another shot taken on the tail end of our NxNW trip in April. Dave Wilson, Bob Lussier, Justin Balog and I were grabbing some of the last brackets of the trip. The Monument is full of Juniper trees as you see here in the foreground, they make for interesting subjects.

As we wind down the month of July (where did June and July go??) I would like to thank everyone who have wished us well on our little gallery space in downtown Canton. Thanks for the online support as well and a big shout out to those of you who stopped in to say hi. Surprisingly enough, July was a nice success for us, far more than we anticipated, and a bunch of fun to boot. We have been meeting some great people who appreciate looking at local photography, so overall we are pleased and going to keep shop for a while and see what happens, so again, thanks to everyone!

and, Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Beautiful capture Mike, and I’m so glad ot hear that the gallery is doing well.

  2. Beauty of a shot Mike and I’m so glad the gallery is going well.

  3. Great news that the gallery venture is succeeding even beyond expectations. And I’m tired of writing that I’m envious of the National Monument shots, but here we are again.

  4. Glad to hear the gallery is going well! This shot Rocks man!

  5. Love the composition, detail and textures Mike. Colorado National Monument is one of those hidden gems that sometimes gets overlooked among all of the national parks in the southwest.

  6. Super cool shot, Mike. Really like this comp, man.

    Great news on the gallery! Hope it gets even better. Rock on.

  7. Gorgeous cool landscape.

  8. Mike, hope you are having fun at the gallery!! People must love your work!! Wish I was out traveling….Id stop by!! =)

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A Juniper Sunset