St Augustine Light

Inside the Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse on Anastasia Island, built-in 1874.

This shot was taken during our Honeymoon last year in September.  The Lighthouse and surrounding structures have a Long History of Paranormal activity.

Shot Details-  Canon 7D with Tokina 10-17mm @10mm F10, Tripod mounted and 9 brackets fired with Promote Control.


On a side note,  I was lucky enough to shoot some product and Brewery shots for some nice people last year around this time in San Francisco. I had a nice surprise pop up on Facebook a couple of days ago. A few weeks ago I completed some additional product shots of some new flavors for the same company. I had a blast shooting them, setting up my own little make-shift studio and lighting. I was very happy with the results as were the clients. I actually made it on a billboard in California! It is not a very good picture of the billboard (phone shot) but it is my work. Pretty Cool! Thanks Caleb and Ali!

Clearly Kumbucha Hollywood


So if you are ever out West and want to try something unique and different try some Clearly Kumbucha!

© 2012 Michael Criswell Photography

Thanks for looking!

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  1. First off congrats on the billboard shot…Wow. I love the image of the bottles, beautifully set up. Now that lighthouse shot…wonderful even though I’m getting a bit dizzy :)

  2. Great tones and clarity in that first shot, and the colours in the final shot really ‘pop’.

  3. Congrats on the product shots and making it to the billboard, Wiz. That”s fantastic, man.

    The interior lighthouse shot is a real beauty as well. I always love those spiral staircases. Wonderful job of capturing and processing.

  4. Very cool on both the lighthouse and the billboard! You’re going places!!!

  5. Awesome shot of the lighthouse! And major congratulations on getting a billboard – that is really cool!

  6. Toad-ally terrific Mike! Congrats on the success of your image on the billboard, that’s a huge deal right there! I also love that shot of the staircase leading up. Perfect composition on that one, good sir!

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