What happens when 10 photographers traveling in two vehicles carrying 32 cameras suddenly spot a low flying crop-dusting plane heading right towards them?

Crop Dustin I

You probably guessed it, what happens next is like a Chinese fire drill, both cars pulling over, bodies piling out scrambling to get their camera ready, changing lenses. The plane swoops by us and most of us miss getting any good shots, but lucky enough the pilot had another pass to make in the same spot and I think we were all ready for that run. Something most of us in the group does not see often but probably very familiar sight in the Palouse hills. Lots of grain and crops to take care of.

Crop Dustin II

Crop Dustin III

It was fun shooting the crop duster for sure, an added bonus for the day!

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  1. Funny description and I’m sure a sight to behold with everyone running around! Nice shots, too!

  2. Terrific shot Mike. Hard to belive in all of my time there, we never saw one plane. Might have been a week too early.

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10 Guys and a Crop Duster