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My disappointment goes out to our wonderful Government. Due to all the Sequester mumbo jumbo lately, numerous air shows are being cancelled around the country, Cleveland, Dayton, Thunder over Louisville and many more. What a shame that the very aircraft our taxpaying dollars bought cannot be enjoyed in the air this spring and summer. Of course, North and South Korea has been seeing a few of these in the air lately.

These shots are from the National Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio, if you have never been there it is a great place to visit. The complex has 3 huge hangars along with a 4th in the works. Leave yourself a lot of time as this place is huge with loads of things to see and learn about.  One of the great things about this place is that it is FREE, no charge for entry and NO tripod police! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

The B-2 Spirit  

Grounded II


 Showing the enormous size of the Hanger and the beautiful B-52D Stratofortress



The Convair B-36J Peacemaker (Large Left)  and the RB-47H Stratojet  both components of the U.S. Air Force’s Strategic Air Command

Grounded III


The lighting in the hangars was a bit tricky to say the least, there were spotlights everywhere, colored and white and no way to get them out of the frame but it really didn’t bother my fun one bit!  These were all shot using the Canon 5D Mark III teamed up with the 16-35 L and my favorite 8-15mm L Fisheye. All brackets captured using the Promote control.

Thanks for stopping, have a great week.

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  1. These are awesome shots Wiz! May have to take this spot in if I get back to Dayton!

  2. Wow! Those are awesome! As a retired Air Force MSgt, this just tugs at the ol’ heart strings. Love to go up there some day and HDR that place up, too! Nice work, Wiz!

  3. Sweet images, Mike. Love to know how you overcame some of the color casts that the spots must have been creating.

  4. These are fabulous images Mike. I love that fisheye :)

  5. So freaking cool! Great work, Michael!

  6. Superb! Might have to check out the National Air Force Museum.

  7. Hey Mike, nice work. I’m looking at some new photo stuff and I see you’ve got the mark III. That’s one I’m thinking about. Keep up the great work!

  8. These are awesome Mike. You really kill these type of shots. Wonderfully processed.

  9. I MUST visit this place some day! So freaking cool!

  10. Fantastic images, Mike! Man, I love these types of images, just something about aircraft. :-)

    Yes, it’s a shame that many of the airshows and museums are taking a hit during the govt budget squabbles.

  11. What a wonderful space with awesome planes. Excellent work!

  12. What an awesome space. The Fisheye really adds extra to these shots. Fab processing too.

  13. Absolutely fabulous, Mike! I love the details, and your great processing really brings everything out to explore and enjoy! Top flippin drawer.

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