WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial -The National Mall

As we were exploring Washington DC with the Grandkids our first day we hit allot of the places on the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and a slew of others, the wind started kicking up and none of us were prepared for the weather moving in, we were lucky enough to wait out the first rain in the protective arms of the Lincoln Memorial but we were not so lucky trying to make our way back to the car on H Street. The Shot above of the WWII museum was captured when the storms were rolling in, a dramatic sky to say the least.

Needless to say, it was a long wet walk, but not without a payoff…..after a good soaking and capturing some of the coolest cloud formations cruising over the National Mall we heard a weird noise to our backs as we approached the Washington Monument walking through the Mall. Marine One Flanked on each side by two other Marine Helicopters was delivering POTUS to the South Lawn Landing Area of the White House, right over our wet heads! The Grand-kids loved it, and the kid in me loved it as well, very cool seeing the President in Marine 1 fly over you on the National Mall. It definitely was President Obama, the Ellipse had one huge AWD Foam Pumping Fire Machine along with a bunch of Secret Service Police along the Ellipse entrance. I was soaked and did not have time to dig in my bag so I grabbed the phone from my pocket to snatch Marine One over our heads.


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  1. It has been such a long time since I have been in DC. This great shot reminds me to get back there soon.

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WWII Memorial