Pont De Rennes

The High Falls from Pont De Rennes Bridge, Rochester NY

The Pont De Rennes bridge spans across the Genesee River giving you a great view of Downtown Rochester and the Iconic High Falls. The bridge was converted to a pedestrian bridge in the 80’s and makes for a perfect spot to capture some long exposure frames.

On the other side of the Genesee River is the Historic and Iconic Genesee Brewhouse that opened in 1878. The part of town was quiet that morning we explored a bit and the weather was perfect. I thought I would give the Genesee a bit of a grunge treatment for this shot.

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Antelope Flats

Antelope Flats is an area outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming in the Grand Tetons National Park, this area is where the Mormon Row and the famous Moulton Barn pictured above, the Moulton Barn is said to be one of the most photographed barns in the country. Our group invaded this area before sunrise almost like a flash mob. There were 3 or 4 photographers there in a nice quiet setting then our caravan pulled up and unloaded, the looks we got were priceless, fun morning.

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