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I have been digging through all my old URBEX files ever since a trip in March has been in the planning stages, looks like it will come together as planned in late March with a great group of photogs as well. This image was taken in the old Madison Seminary Building. This building is sometimes dubbed one Ohio’s Most Haunted Places. The Madison Seminary started out as a small, frame building when it opened in 1847 on Middle Ridge Road and was named the “Ohio Cottage”. It later became known as the Madison Seminary,  Seminary buildings served students from 1847 to July 1891. On Nov. 10, 1891, the name of the facility officially became the Madison Home, purchased and owned by the Ohio Women’s Relief Corps, a women’s group of the Grand Army of the Republic. As years rolled on the building changed hands several times, in the 1960’s the building became known as Opportunity Village and it housed some selected honor inmates from Ohio Women’s Reformatory in Marysville. It also became an extension of Apple Creek State Hospital and housed developmentally disabled women, most of whom could care for themselves.

The property was eventually sold in the 1990’s to a private owner who has since passed away, currently, the grandson of the owner takes care of the property and has been operating historic and paranormal tours of the building. We happened to pop by the property a few years ago on a whim and met the grandson, he was very nice and even offered us a private tour of the grounds, it was great. I was lucky enough to have my camera as well. This was a creepy hallway in the building, the chair has several stories online about lobotomies being performed in the chair which is most likely totally false, but regardless it made for a nice photograph.


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  1. Nice one, Mike! I bet you could even get this into a gallery show! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous. Love the light, tones and shadows.

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