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This is another eerie view inside the abandoned Fairmount Children’s Home, this orphanage opened in 1876, operated until the 1970s. In researching this old complex I found it once covered more than 100 acres. They were a self-sustaining little town. They had orchards, they grew vegetables. They had cows, horses, hogs, they had chickens. Everything they ate, they grew. They had their own school, they had their own hospital. At one time there were over 400 kids there.  I believe this is one of the large cottages that housed the children.

As I posted my first picture of this place last month, a cousin of mine who now resides in France messaged me to tell me her and her sister spent time at the facility, she apparently did not have good memories of the experience as she told me it brought back bad thoughts. The sad part is she had no idea why they were both placed there. She revisited with my uncle in the late 1990’s but the place has changed quite a bit since that time, I wish I would have discovered this place sooner. Allot of people probably have both good and bad memories of this now forgotten place.

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