Taggart Lake 180

Taggart Lake flipped 180 degrees

The morning we hiked back into Taggart Lake for sunrise was a beauty, we started off well before sunset for the 1.5 mile hike back to the lake. When we made it to the lake the payoff was not disappointing, the calm waters of the lake and the reflections of the Tetons made views on the lake nothing short of breathtaking to say the least.

This image was fun, something different, this is a shot I took looking down at the water getting the reflection of the Tetons on the lake, and the rocks below the water surface, the lake was as smooth as glass in the early morning hours. I flipped the image 180 degrees for a fun effect, the rocks at the bottom of the lake look like clouds, and it really gives you an idea of how calm it was that morning only the very bottom portion of the photo is actual land below the waters reflection line.

Something different but I liked how it turned out.

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  1. ha, and I was thinking you missed something in your sky ;-)

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Taggart Lake 180