Taggert Lake

A panoramic view from the Beautiful Taggert Lake in the Grand Tetons National Park. This spot required a decent hike in dark conditions at about 4 am to get to this serene location in the park. Getting there early was definitely worth the morning hike and early rise out of bed, the lake was so still it was like glass.

Hopefully, things will slow down a bit in the next few weeks and I can get out and shoot a bit. We had a whirlwind of a time the last month or so, purchasing a new house and moving really consumed our time the last few weeks, not to mention what a hassle moving is, luckily it was not far, but all the same moving sucks! Now I have my office back up and running I should be able to start posting again and enjoying a bit of free time that does not involve a box or a truck!

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  1. Great shot … That was such an incredible morning!

  2. Really awesome scenery here the photos that you show. Thanks for sharing such important

  3. Hope all went well with your move! Nice pic, too! A few years back we went to JH and went on a photo tour, but never got to the places you went to. It was the middle of winter, so maybe that’s why, but disappointed by all of the things we missed after seeing your feed..

  4. So amazing scenery. Thanks for share with us.

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Taggart Lake