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Tidal Basin

On my quick little trip to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago I had it all set up to meet online photog Jimmy Jones on Friday morning to shoot around the Tidal Basin and catch the beauty of the blooming Cherry trees at sunrise. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had plans of her own, I awoke to a steady downpour of rain Friday morning along with a temperature drop that made for miserable conditions. I still made my way down to the basin and met Jimmy.  We meandered around in the steady rain for a while trying to get a couple of shots and make something of the morning but the gray cloudy sky and a persistent downpour of rain made shooting virtually impossible and downright cold. Here is a couple from the morning I tried to salvage, the trees in bloom are a sight to see and meeting Jimmy was awesome.

We mostly hung out around the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial which is located at the Tidal Basin. The memorial, which honors the 32nd president of the United States, is composed of four “outdoor rooms” which represent each of President Roosevelt’s four terms as commander in chief.

After about 30 minutes we both decided we had enough and there was no break in the weather in sight, so we went to plan B and had breakfast together before we both hit the road home. It is always great meeting friends in person you have known online for years. Here is a shot of Jimmy before we packed it in, please don’t mind the noise, it was a High ISO morning lol.

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Full Bloom

The beautiful Yoshino Cherry blossom along the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. I made a quick trip over to our Nations Capital with hopes of capturing some of these beautiful trees and maybe catching peak bloom. The trees did not disappoint at all, I believe they called for peak bloom a day or so before I got there but I was close enough in my arrival to catch allot of color. 

The trip started out fine until I made my way into the National Mall, I got a phone call on my walk to the Metro station that a family member passed away, so that pretty much put a damper on my first day in town. The following morning I had plans to meet up with a longtime online friend and photog Jimi Jones for a nice sunrise at the Tidal Basin but that went down the tubes as well as heavy rain moved in making shooting that morning pretty much of a bust. We ended up walking around in the rain a bit trying to get something but eventually, we both agreed it a bust and headed for some breakfast and after looking at radar and seeing rain was around for the entire day I headed west back to Ohio. I have had better trips but you cannot fight mother nature, I did end up getting a few keepers and it was a pleasure meeting Jimi after so many years.

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