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Reagan Tub Mill

The Alfred Reagan Tub Mill, located along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, a one lane narrow road open to cars and smaller vehicles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Reagan mill is a standard tub mill, with a flume redirecting water from Roaring Fork to power a tub-wheel turbine. The turbine turns a grindstone which breaks down corn and wheat into cornmeal and flour. Reagan’s mill was well-designed and well-positioned. It is said that when other mills lacked sufficient water power due to low water levels, Reagan’s mill would continue to operate.

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EXIT-Another creepy scene from the abandoned Brady Elementary School in Detroit Michigan that I thought was worthy of a photograph. This was a great stop on our Easter Urbex trip last year, the lighting, the mood…it was a perfect spot for exploring the old hallways that shuttered in 2008, 10 years of abandonment and decay with more years of the same outlook no doubt. Happy New Year to all!

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