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Grand Entrance

Another view inside the ornate Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg PA. This was a tricky shot as there were over 100 people crammed into the floor of the rotunda when we arrived. There were news crews filming what seemed to be an awards ceremony for Emergency responders in the area. There were chairs set up, microphones on stands and people elbowing me from both sides, reporters everywhere. So I made the best of a crowded situation and pointed my camera up at such an angle I could get the staircase and the dome in one shot and totally keep all the people out of the frame, I took a few snaps hoping one would be elbow nudge free.


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PA Capitol Rotunda

We just returned from a vacation with our two grandkids where we ventured to Gettysburg and Bethlehem PA. Our schedule was hectic, especially with kids but I managed to stop in Harrisburg PA, the State Capital of Pennsylvania. We had about an hour or so since we had plans and a timeline in Bethlehem area so it was a quick stop. It was an overcast day and there was some type of rewards ceremony going on in the Capitol building, so there were people everywhere making any photographs of the building itself nearly impossible.

We ended up going into the main visitor entrance there were about 200 people, camera crews and press crowded into the foyer/rotunda area of the building making shooting nearly impossible until I took a few steps and looked up…WOW…I have not been in many of Capitol buildings but I think I might have to start seeking them out after seeing this work of art.

Despite the crowd of people I managed to get some shots of the rotunda, the dome and the artwork and detail of this Historic place, and I will definitely be back at some point to explore the whole building in detail.

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