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Mt Washington Auto Road

Scenes from the Mount Washingon Auto Road

In 1853 the New Hampshire State Legislature granted Gen. David O. Macomber of Middletown, Conn., the charter for the Mount Washington Road Company. The grand plan envisioned horse-drawn omnibuses on the Road, a massive hotel and observatory. Not all that came about, but work on the Auto Road began in the summer of 1854. Work progressed until the fall of 1856, when the halfway point was reached. Then money ran out, and the effort was halted. But, a new company, the present Mount Washington Summit Road Company, was formed in 1859. The next year, work resumed, and the first tolls were collected for passage to the Halfway House.  The gala opening of the Road to the summit took place on August 8, 1861, with many local dignitaries arriving at the summit in a Concord Coach. The same family still owns the company today.

The trip up the mountain is an 8 mile climb to 4,618 ft from an altitude of 1,527 ft at the bottom to 6,145 ft (1,873 m) at the top, an average gradient of 11.6%.  There are several areas along the road to pull off and enjoy the view while letting your motor cool off from the uphill ride, or letting your brakes cool off coming down the mountain. 

The picture below shows both Auto Road and the Mt Washington Cog railway. The Cog railway started making trips up Mount Washington on July 3, 1869. The Cog really put a damper on the Auto Road business for a few years till the automotive boom hit America.

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Austin City Limits

The famous and Iconic Austin City Limits building and the nearby Willie Nelson Statue in downtown Austin. ACL is the longest-running music program in television history, the only television show to have been awarded the Presidential Medal of the Arts, and was recently recognized by Time magazine as one of the 10 most influential music programs of all time. It’s a show that’s presented a huge variety of musical styles and genres, hosting everyone from Willie Nelson to BB King to Foo Fighters and a show that’s been enshrined as a Rock & Roll Landmark in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The pilot was shot on October 17, 1974, and starred Willie Nelson, who was not yet the iconographic American music figure he would become.

Another structure downtown along the river is the Fannie Davis Gazebo with Dave Wilson in the background, the Gazebo offers a spot to relax along the river. In the shot below someone unofficially designated the Gazebo as the Wille Nelson Designated Cannabis recreation area.

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