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Beating A Dead Horse

Yea, Yea I know…If you have ever looked out over this ledge when the sun is rising like I did with the NxNW Crew in April of 2013 and was lucky enough to snap a photograph…every other one would be Beating a Dead Horse, cause you cannot make beautiful more beautiful. But…I dug this shot out of the archives and it brought back a bunch of great memories from my first NxNW trip to one of the most scenic places on earth, Moab Utah (at least one of the most scenic I have experienced). This is Dead Horse Point State Park at sunrise, and after reviewing the shots I took there I determined I need to go back!

I just gotta break it to the Empress, but that’s another story

Thanks for stopping!

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Dead Horse Moon

Dead Horse Moon -Dead Horse State Park, Moab Utah

Dead Horse Moon is another shot from the epic 2013 nXnw trip to Moab Utah, this is a Pano from our morning at Dead Horse State Park, twilight and just before sunrise the moon was hovering at the horizon, I loved all the monochrome tones when I converted this as a test (and really liked it) so I left it black and white. There is actually two explorers of the Frontier in the frame at the far right that can give scale to this awesome scene. Bob Lussier and Chris Nitz  are shooting on the ledge at the far right of the frame. You cannot really top a morning like this, perfect weather and well, the scenery was not bad either. Click image for large view, find Bob and Chris!

I need to get back to Moab, thanks for stopping!

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