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Savannah Icon

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

One of the Savannah Icons located on Lafayette Square in the historic district, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I have shot this church many times on our trips to the South and never get tired of it. It really is beautiful inside and really hard to get a shot without a bunch of people in the frame as this is a tourist bus and trolley stop every day. I thought I might give it another try with my 11mm lens, even with the super wide lens this place is enormous.

It was always challenging to get a good shot of the outside of this Cathedral due to its location and height but the new lens fixed this issue with very little distortion to correct when it was all said and done.

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Sweet Savannah!

It’s really hard to visit one of your favorite places and not grab some additional shots while you are there. This is one of those places,The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist located in Savannah Georgia. We normally stay about a block away from this location at the beautiful Hamilton Turner Inn so it’s always easy to pop in and grab some brackets. The problem is picking a time where every other tourist is not thinking the same thing. This is a stop for tour buses through the day, so finding this place empty is usually rare. I was in luck that particular morning when I found the place empty, just me, the secretary at the front of the church and the custodian mopping. I did not see a badge on the custodian but he must have been an off duty tripod Police officer. As soon as I setup he started asking questions, he let me continue after a few of the normal questions. That was the first time I have been stopped in this church, normally they welcome the attention.

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The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist Savannah Georgia


This Church is located right on the corner of Lafayette Square, a very beautiful and photogenic area of Historic Savannah. Two of the shots below are from the same location, different trip. The Historic Hamilton Turner Inn and a view of the Cathedral shot in IR-HDR. The Hamilton Turner Inn currently use this photo on the Home Page of their website, that’s always a good thing!

Hamilton Turner Inn Savannah Georgia


An Infrared HDR view of The Cathedral of St John the Baptist from Lafayette Square

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

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