Sunrise at the Wheel Barn – The Palouse

Sunrise at The Wheel Barn

One of our Sunrise locations last year was the iconic Wheel Barn in the Palouse. The actual name is the Dahmen Barn, originally a dairy farm that is now converted into an Artisan Center. The Wagon Wheel Fence is constructed of well over 100 wheels and a popular stop in the Palouse. It was a beautiful clear morning and the early sun was golden for sure.

Sunrise at The Wheel Barn 2

There is no shortage of these types of scenes in the Palouse, a vast agricultural area with fields like these that seem to go on forever. The morning dew and golden sun make for a pleasing scene at sunrise.

Palouse Sunrise

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  1. This is getting me excited for GTNP!

  2. Excellent as always, Mike! Makes me want to grt out to the Palouse some day!

  3. Great shots, Mike. I hate to admit it, but I’ve still not done anything with a single exposure I shot that morning. I guess I need to go into my library and review them before I have a few thousand images from NxNW2016 to add to the list :-)

  4. Terrific comps of this cool place. I visited it in the evening and now I wish I had visited in the morning. I will rectify that in August.

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Sunrise at the Wheel Barn