Steps of St Agnes

The Steps of St. Agnes

Upon gaining entry into the abandoned St. Agnes Catholic Church through a drop-down basement window I made my way across the basement to this creepy-lit staircase that eventually leads to the main chapel area of the church. The way the way the light was falling on the staircase made for an interesting scene. Eventually, the security guard got a bit suspicious when a couple of others from our group did some drone flying, the guard took up a location directly by the window we dropped down to get in, so we thought we might be in a bit of a dilemma. Luckily the security guard had to relieve himself (which I caught on camera in case we needed a bargaining chip) but he eventually moved on and we ended up exiting the area without further issue.

Most places were security-free with easy access but some properties, apparently still owned by someone had regular security patrols on site, like this church and the Historic Packard Plant.

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Steps of St. Agnes