Something Fishy

Something Fishy- There is something fishy about this whole Pandemic and worldwide panic that has taken over our country. Despite the paranoia and everything else that is going on, it gets stranger every day.

So, as the world gets stranger every day why not meet up with a few other photographer buddies and shoot the town of Gary Indiana? That’s what we did over the weekend. This is a fisheye shot I took in the City Church (City Methodist Church). This is the Seaman Hall Theater, part of the original complex.

The sanctuary at the forefront of the structure is part of a much larger nine-story complex which included an adjoining theatre called Seaman Hall, which could seat 1000 people, and contained corporate offices, a gymnasium, a Sunday School, and a dining hall. There were plans for a bowling alley, but this was never built. A rooftop garden on the roof of the hall was never finished.

The City Church closed in 1975.

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Something Fishy