SCI Cresson

State Correctional Institution – Cresson PA  “The San”

I had the pleasure of meeting a few friends for a bit of urban exploring over the weekend in Cresson Pa. to explore the old Cresson Sanatorium/Prison. The Sanatorium was established in 1913, Cresson was a model for the nation treating over 40,000 patients from 1913 to 1964 and offering a school of nursing and an elementary school. Its high elevation was considered beneficial in providing therapeutic fresh air to patients. As new medications became available to treat TB in the 1960s, the sanatorium morphed into a state hospital to care for the mentally challenged. The facility changed once again in 1987 to SCI Cresson, a medium-security male correctional facility. SCI Cresson operated until 2013.

This is a photo from one of the newer prison facilities added to Cresson in 1987.

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SCI Cresson