The Sapphire Pool, located in the Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park

This was taken our first afternoon in Wyoming, we arrived in Jackson Hole and headed into Yellowstone for the evening. One of our stops in Yellowstone was the Biscuit Basin, a surreal place for a first-time visitor to Yellowstone, the steam rising from the different geysers and springs made for a cool scene as the sun was setting in the park.

Sapphire Pool was once a Geyser, after an earthquake in 1959 the pool became a stunning geyser, shooting up to 200 feet in the air. Unfortunately, this only lasted a few years and the geyser subsided, by 1968 it was no longer considered a true geyser. I thought the scene looked really cool in black and white, all the lines and contrast were very appealing and fun to shoot.

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Sapphire Pool Mystique