On my first trip to Austin, a group of us met up at the Pennybacker Bridge for sunset, also known as the 360 Bridge. This Austin icon crosses the Colorado River, also known as Lake Austin. It was a great first night and I finally got to meet a bunch of friends that I have known for years online in the photography world. Jim Nix, Evan Gearing, Andy ATMTX, trying to think if I am missing anybody. I tried to salvage at least one shot from the night at the Pennybacker, after a few beers with Jim Nix earlier in the day and meeting all my online buddies I was a bit distracted and more into socializing than taking pictures but hey, you will have that. Regardless it was a great night.

The White tents on the left are from a recent PGA tournament, the Dell WGC played in March at the Austin Country Club which is located right on the shores of Lake Austin.

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Pennybacker Blue Hour