Peggys Cove

Peggy’s Cove…Peggy’s Cove is famed for its picturesque and typically East-Coast profile, with houses perched along a narrow inlet and on wave-washed boulders facing the Atlantic. Although this unique environment has been designated a preservation area, it is still an active fishing community. Legend has it that when a schooner was shipwrecked in the area in the 1800’s, there was a sole survivor; a woman named Margaret. Some say, she married a local man, settled in the village and thus became renowned as “Peggy of the Cove”. Others say that the name comes from the site’s location at the entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay (Peggy is a common nickname for Margaret). It was a great place to explore as we were there twice on pretty bleak mornings, getting there early though sure eliminated the hundreds of tourists that happen upon the cove starting around 9am, bus after bus…kinda crazy..but the NxNW crew roll early and are done shooting and eating breakfast when the buses start rolling in.

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Peggy’s Cove