Packard Automotive

This is the one photograph I did manage to grab of the abandoned Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit Michigan before we were so rudely interrupted by security and forced to leave the area pretty much before we even got started. This place is pretty much locked down now, shortly after our visit a man was killed while exploring the buildings.

Some fun Packard facts-

The plant was located on 40 acres for a 3,500,000 square feet production plant. The Packard plant was opened in 1903 and at the time was considered the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the world, employing 40,000 people at its peak. The plant turned out Packard automobiles from 1903 to 1956, except during World War II when production was shifted to war material, particularly the Packard V-1650 Merlin, which powered the North American P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Shortly after we were there, on January 23, 2019, the iconic bridge over Grand Boulevard collapsed. No injuries were reported. 

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Packard Automotive