1 2 3 4 –  Abandoned Saint Peter and Paul Church Main Organ

1 2 3 4

One of the cool things about exploring abandoned places is finding these old gems in their decaying yet beautiful state. Left behind, probably because it was too big to move no doubt. This gem was located in the old Saint Peter and Paul Church in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, sadly rotting away. This was the main organ in the complex and I can imagine it had quite the sound during it’s playing years.

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  1. Love this. I had a similar experience at a decommissioned church in Lowell a few years ago. It remains one of my favorite shoots.

  2. This is just awesome decaying goodness at its best! Great find and perfectly processed! Well done Wiz!

  3. Gosh, Mike, your work never ceases to absolutely amaze me, I just love it! This shot is so full of untold stories, it’s not funny, what a wonderful composition you’ve captured and shared here!

  4. This is truly a magnificent photograph.
    Beautifully captured!

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