Old Faithful – A Yellowstone NP Icon

Faithful and Old

Part of last years NxNW Grand Teton trip started a bit early for a few of us, we arrived before the main group and spent a couple days exploring Yellowstone National park. Although these parks look relatively close on a map they are quite a ways from each other. The trip from Jackson Hole (Base Camp) to Yellowstone took the better part of 2 hours for the one way journey depending on traffic. The size of Yellowstone itself is massive even when you arrive at the park entrance you can have almost an hour to your destination in the park from that point.

The shot above is the Iconic Old Faithful, this famous Geyser has been entertaining people every 65 to 91 minutes like clockwork. I was lucky enough to experience it’s grandeur a few times on this trip. The photograph above was before sunset when we were blessed with some nice clouds for the show. The shot below is the visitor center at Old Faithful, a very nice center that really puts this natural wonder on display, you gotta love our National Park system!

Faithful and Old II

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