Max’s- Chene Street, East Detroit

The burnt-out shell of what used to be a high-end jewelry store in a once bustling shopping area in Detroit. Max’s opened in 1927  the building featured a large marquee with Max’s sprawling down the sides and two clocks facing each way down the street. At the time this area was home to several Jewish-owned businesses, including grocery stores, restaurants, and clothing stores. 

Driving down Chene Street these days feels like something out of a movie, with very few storefronts remaining and even fewer of those remaining still open for business. Around 2012, a fire tore through Max’s empty storefront, leaving the property in full disrepair. In 2016 Max’s was a filming location for ‘Transformers: The Last Knight,‘ which added vintage, albeit fake, ghost signs on its north outer wall for a 3-hour dry cleaner and the E. Donaldson auto-mechanic shop.

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