Locker Raid

Locker Raid- Another surreal shot inside the Brady Elementary School in Detroit. This abandoned school was a cool place to explore, the lighting and the mood inside these abandoned gems are hard to explain when you are wandering around and shooting, the lighting, smells, and the mood… fun stuff if you have never done this type of thing.

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  1. Love the urbex shots! Some day during a family visit, I’d like to get down there and capture some of these, just not sure if that will ever happen. Oh, and I gotta tell ya, we officially cut the cord today! No more cable tv! We do have cable internet with same company as they are the only high speed internet in town. But upped that a little and went to Directvnow and not looking back! Saving about $65/mo! Hopefully dtvn won’t raise their rates too much too fast! Thanks!

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Locker Raid