Lee Plaza Hotel

Lee Plaza Hotel

I just got back from an Epic trip with some great photographers. We spent a few days in Detroit Michigan in search of the abandoned and the forgotten in the Motor City of Detroit. We had a great group of photogs from all parts the US and then some, Luis DeSanto joined us from Germany. Others included Brook and Blaire Ward a father and son team with great stuff, and then there is my buddy Bob Lussier from Boston and another great photog I have known forever online and never met, Jacques Gude. This trip was Epic! We had 6 Photogs, 4 drones allot of good beer and good times!

Detroit is a weird place if you have never been there, I thought this image and the Graffiti was well suited for my first post from the Motor City. This shot was from the Lee Plaza Hotel, on the first day of exploration. There is a bunch more to come eventually, we actually walked about 24 miles in 2.5 days exploring these places up and down, literally up and down! The Detroit proper is surreal, to say the least, follow along to see our adventure.


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  1. Very cool! Yet, it makes me sad because I grew up not too far from there, near Flint. Just a shame what happened up there and to think that Detroit was once the richest city in the country, way back in the 50s. I bet this hotel was something to behold back in the day! Nice work!

  2. There is so much win in this image! The lines, the light. The graffiti and grit! Great depth, and the black and white treatment is awesome! Just a wonderful urbex image Wiz! Well done!

  3. Fantastic Mike. I can hardly wait to see the other shots although not sure how you’re going to top this one.

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Lee Plaza Hotel