Last Call

Last Call- St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital, Gary Indiana. We spent a few hours in this building our last morning in Gary Indiana, a weird thing, the Gary Police Department moved into the rear of the Hospital building, an addition to the main hospital. Despite the Gary Police being right next door, a wall away, we jumped through a window right on the main street and began exploring. The Hospital was pretty well gone inside, there were a few points of interest but not many.

On November 24th during Thanksgiving of 1995, the obsolete and spartan hospital was shut down for good after nearly 90 years of continuous operation. It was a disaster for the remaining 150 medical workers who risked staying at the hospital despite the numerous warning signs of closure. In November of the following year, Dayton Ohio-based National Content Liquidators, Inc. was hired to conduct a massive garage sale at the shuttered complex. Bargain hunters prowled the abandoned buildings for deals on the remaining medical and office equipment which was being sold at pennies on the dollar. A sign on the wall of the information desk told shoppers everything was fair game except “fire extinguishers, carts, bed parts, and samples.” Shoppers bought everything that was left, from chairs to file cabinets and staplers. One shopper even left with a toilet seat.

We did see a few price tags when we were exploring, leftovers from the garage sale, crazy, and a garage sale at a major hospital. This old phone caught my eye.

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Last Call