Johns Barn

Johns Barn – Mormon Row Antelope Flats, Wyoming

John Moulton’s Barn is located along Mormon Row in the Grand Teton National Park. John Moulton first arrived in Jackson Hole with his brother, Thomas Alma in 1907. They filed for adjacent claims and began work to clear 80 acres of land, construct a cabin, barn, corrals and related fencing. John was well known in the valley for his dairy business, he lived to be 103 years old.

In 1953, at the age of 66, John Moulton sold his property to Grand Teton National Park with a life lease. Now without taxes or a mortgage, some of the financial pressure was lifted. He was allowed to continue to live and work on his land, under certain rules. Upon his death, the National Park Service would acquire the land and the family would be required to leave the property. Under life leases, most families remained for a handful of years, but John would keep his homestead for another 37 years. His sons continued to ranch the land until the late 1970s and John retired in the town of Jackson. It wouldn’t be until 1990 when John died at 103 that his land would finally change hands. In 1991 his family made the last trip out to the pink house to gather their belongings and leave the Row for the last time. They were not the last to leave, however, as John’s brother Alma‘s home still survives on one acre of private land. John’s grand-nephew continues to live on the acre, the fourth generation of Moulton’s to live in the shadow of the Tetons.

This area in Antelope flats is just mesmerizing when you are standing there soaking the scenic Teton range in on a crisp cool morning in the Park.

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John’s Barn