Hamilton Pool

Located on the outskirts of Austin Texas in the Texas Hill Country is the popular Hamilton Pool Preserve. Dave Wilson and I actually made a couple of trips to the pool, the first trip it was actually full and at capacity and we were told there was about an hour wait to get in so we opted for plan B and decided to go on a weekday thinking there would be fewer people. We did go Monday and were still shocked at how full the place was even on a weekday with a bacteria warning in place that prohibited swimming in the pool the last few days.

We had some extra work trying to keep people out of the frames, which was nearly impossible, so I had to eliminate some folks in processing, I did leave a few in this frame for scale. The pool was formed when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. The Pool has become so popular that reservations are required during the summer months.

Thanks for Stopping!

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  1. Really well done! Never saw a pano of the pool like this! Great new perspective!

  2. Very cool indeed. Maybe this picture will be stolen even more frequently than the one I took 10 years ago? :-)

  3. What beautiful place. I’m glad you left a few people in the image. Looks great.

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Hamilton Pool