Gone Fishing

During the 10 minutes, we had to roam around our entry point to the abandoned Packard plant in Detroit I managed to snap a few pictures before the security sirens went off and we started getting our license plates barked at us through a PA system. This was one of the shots I stumbled upon entering the complex, how a boat ended up here is beyond me but for the length of time this place has been closed I am sure anything could turn up. The Packard plant was opened in 1903 and at the time was considered the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the world with skilled craftsmen involved in over eighty trades. The factory complex closed in 1958, though other businesses operated on the premises or used it for storage until the late 1990s.

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  1. How bizarre… I’m still baffled by the security there, too. If you can get in there, they aren’t too good.. I wonder why they don’t fence it off or something.. I digress, nice shot as always!

  2. I don’t have a fence around my property but if you step on it without permission then you are trespassing.

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Gone Fishing