The Glade Creek Grist Mill, built in 1976, serves as a tribute to the hundreds of mills that once dotted the landscape in West Virginia. It’s a replica of the original Cooper’s Mill that was located nearby, according to Stephen Tyree, the miller at Glade Creek.“It’s the most photographed mill in the United States and it’s world-renowned,” Tyree said, noting that the mill receives thousands of visitors each year from as far away as Europe and Asia.

Although it’s a relatively new mill, Glade Creek is a patchwork quilt of sorts, built with parts salvaged from much older mills that had ceased operation. The Mill was completed in 1976 and its main structure came from Stoney Creek Grist Mill in Pocahontas County, the water wheel came from Spring Run Grist Mill in Grant County and other parts came from Onego Grist Mill in Pendleton County.

We had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful area last weekend and plan on returning in the future.

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Glade Creek Grist Mill