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Fence Line – The Palouse

More from the Palouse, the great thing about this area is around every corner there is a new scene awaiting you, whether its another abandoned building or vehicle, or a brilliant yellow field of canola, always something different and just as interesting as the last stop. This was another abandoned farm type building we came across on our exploration. This place had allot of character and made for  a great infrared subject.

There are scenes like this all over the Palouse, you could probable explore for weeks and still have not seen everything the area has to offer.

It was been a busy last couple of weeks and I have definitely been slacking in the blog and social media visits, a spring remodelling project (2 rooms in the house) one being my office put a damper on all my work on my main PC workstation. Everything is finished new wood floors down and just cleaning up and organizing so I should be up to full speed by the weekend.

Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great shot Mike. Love your infrared work. You have a great weekend too.

  2. Like the IR treatment! Really makes things stand out! Nice! Have fun with the remodeling!

  3. Did you convert an old DSLR to infrared or do you post-process these?

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