Deditated to CRAZY 8

 Krazy-8, was a meth distributor formerly associated with Jesse Pinkman and Tuco Salamanca.

 As Walter threw a can in the bin he saw the broken pieces of the dropped plate. He paused and reflected on this, sensing something was wrong and realizing it was the only time his guard was down around Krazy-8 as he was unconscious. He pieced together the broken plate and he discovered a blade-shaped piece missing revealing Krazy-8’s true murderous intentions and creating the final resolve necessary to kill him. Walt, feeling his trust was betrayed approached Krazy-8 giving the impression he was going to free him. Krazy-8 said to Walt “You’re doing the right thing” and responded to Walt asking if he was angry with “Live and let live”. When Walt saw Krazy-8 reaching for the shard as he believed he was about to be released he said, with a tear rolling down his face “The moment I do are you going to stick me with that broken piece of plate” he then pulled back on the bike lock choking Krazy 8 against the pole as Krazy-8 desperately swung the plate weapon back trying to hit Walt.

A shot from the abandoned Shenango China Factory in New Castle PA.

I processed this watching episode 3 of Breaking Bad …and the cat’s in the bag (for the umpteenth time), I thought it was an appropriate title.

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Dedicated to Crazy 8