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I am always asked what type of software I am using and the equipment I shoot with, so I thought I would add this page to describe what I use and why I use it. Please contact me with any questions.

My Gear-

Canon 5D Mark III   –   Fuji X100s   –   Canon 10D IR Converted

Canon 8-15 F4L Fisheye   –   Canon 16-35 F2.8L   –   Canon 24-105 F4L   –   Canon 70-200 F2.8L   –   Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L   –   Canon 24mm TSE F3.5L   –   Canon 50mm F1.8

When the RAW files hit the Computer-

My workflow is probably very similar to any once else out there, at least in general terms. Once I shoot a memory card full of  RAW files (I always shoot RAW), they always get imported and filed in Lightroom4.

Once in Lightroom all filed and labelled they are ready to process when the urge arises. If I am processing HDR bracketed photos I really only have a few tried and true software programs I use on a regular basis. I am a strict HDRsoft Photomatix Pro user, that’s what I started with and I have stuck with it. Really this is a mater of personal preference, there are many programs out there to do the job. I actually have Nik HDREfex and have never run a bracket set through this software, I just cannot bring myself to use anything but Photomatix, just my preference. Right now Photomatix also has a plugin for LR4 so you can create a 32 bit HDR right in Lightroom, I have been experimenting with this but still lean towards Photomatix stand alone.

Once out of Lightroom andPhotomatix the files hit Photoshop CS6 (most of the time). Once in Photoshop there are zillions of filters, tools and tricks you can purchase to suite your taste and what you are looking to achieve in the final product. Some of my favorites that I use are Topaz, Nik  and OnOne.

Another must have tool is a good noise reduction software. I have a couple but prefer noiseware, only because I have used it since Photomatix came along.