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Abandoned Palouse

Another shot from inside an abandoned house in the heart of the Palouse region of Washington State. I thought I would stick to a B&W version for this shot. I would really like to get back there someday as the area is so vast and there is a ton to explore and shoot around every corner.


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Painting The Weber House

During the cold winter months in the Northeast when I cannot get out much I start digging through past trips to try to find some hidden gems I might have missed the first time around. This time it happened to be the Palouse trip with the crew in 2015. This is the Weber House just after sunset and we were experimenting with some light painting, and in this image, it may even have been one of our vehicles lighting the house if I remember correctly. The sky was beautiful that night and looking back at this shot I thought it was worth adding to my Palouse collection.


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