John Buford – Gettysburg National Military Park

The monument to Union Brigadier General John Buford is west of Gettysburg on Chambersburg Road, It was erected in 1892 and dedicated on July 1, 1895. Buford is best known for having played a major role in the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, by identifying, taking, and holding the “high ground” while in command of a division. My wife and I had a weekend getaway to Gettysburg National Military Park this past weekend. Saturday we had an afternoon of rain until about 5 pm, then mother nature treated us to some great skies to finish the evening into the sunset.

The cannons surrounding the monument are the actual pieces of Calef’s Battery, 2nd United States Artillery, Battery A. The barrel facing down Chambersburg Pike (front left) fired the first Union artillery shot of the battle of Gettysburg under General Buford’s personal direction. Captain Calef tracked it down after the war using its serial number, 223. It is marked by a small bronze plate which can be seen in the photo on top of the barrel.

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