Back To School

The First Day Back to School….How Scared were you? …….Where is my locker…My friends? What time is my first Class? This was a great URBAN exploration trip with a buddy of mine Brad Truxell who recently became a new father, we had a great time roaming this old school.  I thought it would be fitting to process some abandoned School URBEX goodness since it is that time of year.

 Too Tall?   Too Skinny?   or Uncool

Tall Skinny Uncool

I would love to get back to this place but I think it is locked up tight, unfortunately.

Thanks for Stopping!

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  1. Love these. I’d love to photograph this place as well.

  2. I really love all your Urbex work, Mike, and this post is most certainly no exception. Great textures and details here, my friend!

  3. I would love to shoot here, but want to do so legally do you know who to reach out to for photo permits?

    1. Monte, the place is locked down tight right now, that whole neighborhood has gone through a dramatic rebuild and all the old structures like the church and this school are all boarded up tight, I was there not too long ago and could not get into anything we used to have access to.

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Back to School