Ansels View –  Snake River Overlook

Ansel Was Here

The sunrise and sunsets on our trip were not that dramatic the first few days, but you gotta take what nature gives you and be patient. On our last evening in the Tetons we were driving around facing yet another mundane sunset. We stopped at the Historic spot where Ansel Adams shot his famous Snake River Overlook photograph. While waiting around the mundane sky started to change as the sun was setting and before you know it we were blessed with some magic at the Snake River Overlook.

The view is a bit different from the one Ansel had as the trees have overtaken much of the river that he had in his photograph, but I am surely not going to complain about the view that evening.

6-2016 Ansel B&W

I had to give this a traditional Ansel B&W treatment as well, thanks for stopping!

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  1. Both beautiful Mike but I really do love the color version.

  2. Both are great! Leaning towards color with that sky, but they are close!

  3. Man, that’s some kind of beautiful Wiz!!

  4. The Tetons are more of a sunrise location so getting a decent sunset is a bonus. As far as Ansel’s original, no one is going to recreate it with the growth of the trees. That is probably fitting. Terrific shot Mike.

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Ansels View