St. Agnes Catholic Church is located in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. A once-thriving Catholic church with its own girl’s high school now lies abandoned and slowly falling into ruins. Our group explored this majestic place on a long Easter weekend in 2018. It was a bit tricky getting into requiring a big drop from a basement window where I got the nickname “Spider-Monkey” from a few in our group. I was tall and lanky enough to navigate the window first and check out the access inside. There was a roaming security guard patrolling the area so we had to be stealth.

A police raid on an after-hours drinking establishment in the area in the 1960s stirred tensions that grew to civil unrest, with most of the buildings along 12th Street being burned to the ground. St. Agnes Church did go relatively unharmed through these events, but the community never recovered, and people started moving from the area. It only took a few years for scavengers to steal the metal pipes from the organ and most of the decorations. After that, weather and vandalism had their turn along with Urban Explorers to capture the beauty of this decay.

I have read online that as of late 2019, there is a fence installed around the property with posted no trespassing signs, so maybe someone has invested in saving what is left of this structure or perhaps preparing to raise the building.

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