8 Seconds

8 Seconds

Another first crossed off my list last weekend on my second trip out to Austin Texas to visit Dave Wilson, the annual 4th of July Wimberly Rodeo in Wimberly Texas. The Rodeo was a Pro/Open event sanctioned by the Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association. Dave and I had a blast shooting in all areas of the event maneuvering from one side of the arena to the other for the various events. The shot above was the last event of the night, and for good reason, the Bull Riding event. By this time of the night, the light was scarce and we were forced to shoot high ISO but it was still great fun. There were some mean Bulls at this event and it showed in the scoring, none of the entrants that night rode the 8 seconds to qualify for a scoring ride and most riders were bucked off pretty darn quick.

The Bull above started bucking straight out of the chute almost kicking the men tending the gates of the chute, the facial expressions are priceless.

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  1. Awesome shot! Sorry I couldn’t make it this time! Looking forward to the rest of your Texas captures!

  2. Great shot Michael

  3. I just realized that that’s exactly the same bull as I posted this morning. Congratulations – you win again. The dude diving over the chute gate is epic!

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8 Seconds